Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Do I Need to Provide for My practical assessments?

    If you are currently employed in an RTO, you have the option to utilize various resources available at your workplace, subject to permission (please inquire about the required materials at the commencement of your course). If you are not associated with an RTO, we will provide all necessary materials; however, certain elements are your responsibility regardless of the chosen option:

    • A minimum of four people to be learners for a face-to-face, in-person, group-based training

    • An additional person (cannot be one of the four above) to be a learner who requires 1-on-1 mentoring, doing a workplace-based training.

    The people you choose may be family, friends and/or colleagues. You just need to record the training session and be able to upload the recording to us via your Online Portal (you have unlimited tech support if you need help doing this part).

    Note: If using family/ friends, they must be 16+ years old to be considered one of your learners.

  • Do I need a USI number?

    All participants enrolled in this course must provide a Unique Student Identifier number, which is a number allocated by the Department of Education. For more details and how to apply for a USI number, please go to

  • What is vocational competency?

    Vocational competency is defined as broad industry knowledge and experience, usually combined with a relevant qualification. A person who has vocational competency will be familiar with the content of the vocation and will have relevant current experience in the industry.

  • How can I arrange payment if my employer is covering the costs?

    The invoice that has been issued to you may be given to your employer for payment. If you prefer to have your employer’s details listed on the invoice, please contact us and we can change the invoice recipient.

  • Will my employer receive a copy of my certificate if they are covering the cost of my course?

    According to the standards, Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) certification documentation is issued to participants who have successfully met the training product requirements. Should you wish for your employer to receive a certificate copy, written approval is necessary. Kindly complete the enrollment form to provide additional information regarding your employer details.

  • Can I apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for this course?
  • What is the Fees and Refund policy?

    The full refund policy is available in the TAE Course Handbook

  • I have completed certain units from the previous qualification. Is it possible to receive credit transfers for these units?

    Participants holding any of the units of competency within the TAE40122, or recognised equivalent superseded units, are eligible to apply for Credit Transfer (CT).

    On enrolment you will have to provide us a certified copy of pertinent certificates and transcripts reflecting the outcomes of your formal studies, along with the duly completed Credit Transfer (CT) form. For additional information on CT please contact us at